Wednesday, 13 August 2008


I'm back in Cairo.

It feels so good to be home. To breathe in the polluted air, to be out in the gridlocked streets, and to become one of the 80 million that inhabit this country.

It's so good to see the rest of my family, and more importantly, sleep in my bed :)

Getting back to 'normal' life feels strange, almost as if my life had been on hold for six years rather than six weeks. It feels strange to wear a different pair of shoes, considering the fact that I've been wearing the same pair for six weeks. It's strange to drive my car, to go off and run errands that are so not constructive—I mean, I know they're necessary, but they don't seem vital.

It's the middle of August which means this is the hottest it's going to get, and yet I feel like I'm in Spring. After Tarim, I don't think I'm ever going to think Egypt is hot again.
I'm off to the beach.

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